Cookie Maven is a small batch cookie bakery by Christina

Based out of Oakland, California, we offer a mix of traditional and unique pairings using the highest quality ingredients.

I've been baking since girlhood. Entertaining my family with many failed attempts while striving for the perfect buttermilk biscuit. My family used to call my biscuits hockey pucks. It took a while but I eventually nailed it. I didn't give up. I couldn't because my family does food expertly. My parental grandmother cooked for the seminary students, and many say my maternal grandfather made the best cinnamon rolls in Lafayette, Louisiana.

It's no wonder I was drawn to baking. Many of my fondest memories are being in the kitchen browning the roux or cooking down the okra. I was the sous chef but didn't know it. During the holidays the kitchen was jumping! My aunts worked collectively in the kitchen to prepare dinners for their respective homes for all the big holidays. My father and my aunt Mary would get in the kitchen together spending all day making boudin and shared it with family.


 We labored. We shared. We loved. All through food.

As much as I enjoy preparing food for my loved ones, baking is something special. Sweets bring joy. The confections I make remind you of a time when food was an expression of love. They're like what your aunts or grandmother would make. Go ahead and indulge.

Oh, and I still make some doggone good biscuits.